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Thomas Hawk is a Class A Master Teaching Professional, certified by the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America, and is an Advanced Impact Zone Golf Instructor. His dedication to helping you understand the dynamics of the golf swing will allow you to jettison adherence to "elements of style" and focus on what is truly important in your golf game.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is a fantastic tool for helping students see what they are doing during the swing. Often, players think they are performing one thing, while the video reveals where improvement can be made.

Send In Your Video

Online golf swing analysis is a great, affordable way to obtain professional feedback on your swing improvements.

Together we can isolate elements of your swing dynamics and help you improve your golf game!

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Your Instructor for building a dynamic golf swing

…dynamics involves the efficient creation, storage, and application of power to the ball...
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what is dynamic golf zone
The DGZ is the homepage of Thomas Hawk, PGTAA Class A Master Teaching Professional.

Thomas provides private golf coaching and instruction, together with online video swing analysis and golf equipment consultations.
contact me
Please feel free to contact me through the contact page found by clicking here.

I am based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland…but I am happy to travel to your location as required.
what I do
Building a dynamic golf swing requires focus and commitment to the five dynamics of the golf movement during the swing.

I present these "dynamics" - rather than focusing on specific elements of "style" - to help you play your best golf possible, while using the least effort, achieving solid consistent performance in your game.